About Us
You are always assured of a warm welcome at The Welcome Inn. Full of character, characters and rogues, our bar is one of the oldest and last remaining traditional pubs in Cork. Since 1845 it has been frequented by locals & enjoyed by visitors.

Open daily at 7am, we are one of the last remaining early houses in the country. "A little bit of living history" is how we have been described by one influencer introduced to the pub by Jameson. For an AUTHENTIC pub experience, come in and check us out for yourself.


Early Licences - (by Jim McKeon, Hollybough 2009)

"How life has changed. In the mid 1970s Cork City was as intimate as any Irish village,yet it boasted 33 early morning licences. They opened at 7am six mornings a week, and each one bulging at the seams, had its own unique identity and colour.

Clientele came from all walks of life & social status was non-existent. Generally dockers were the main customers, the huge dock land area was at the mouth of one of the finest harbours in the world. But, there was also night workers from the post office, from the factories, shift workers from Fords & Dunlop's, along with farmers and market gardeners who travelled long distances to deliver their produce. All Cork life was there. These hostelries were an integral part of life back then. Doors opened at 7am sharp, impatient punters quickly polished off the first few drinks. By 8am heads were cleared, some would leave but most would stay after developing a 'lip'."